AIMS: The aim of this organisation is to create a viable forum for the purpose of exchange of ideas and experience amongst our members and community in general

  OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the union shall be to promote peace, unity and understanding among members and our host communities in Ireland.  The union shall achieve these through:

a) Promoting a system of mutual support, unity, love and understanding among members.

b) Keeping our cultural and social heritage alive by organising cultural and traditional events in accordance with our customs as celebrated in Igbo cultural world.

c) Promoting a system that will enable Igbo people fully integrate into the Irish society

d) Promoting the Igbo language project by holding classes to teach our Irish born children and wives the Igbo language and culture.

e) Establishing a network for delivery assistance to the needy

f) Establishing a voluntary and non-profit seeking institution for Igbo people in Ireland.

g) Establishing and maintaining a cultural link with other African organisations in the Republic of Ireland.

h) The organisation shall organise workshops, lectures, symposiums and entertainment. The Igbo Union Cork is an independent non-profit seeking organisation. The Union however may accept and receive donations on various kinds of social and cultural events.


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